Swinging Jazz Vocal Mastery Program


Q1: 10 SONGS IN TEN WEEKS - is that really possible?

It might seem like a lot of songs- but once you get into it, you will be surprised how much you are able to accomplish in 10 weeks. Keep in mind that although you will be learning a new process for the first time. And It takes time to implement, listen, try and internalize this new way of doing things, the work you will put in will be rewarded and the payoff will be huge!

And the good news is - the more you do it, the quicker you will learn the next tune and the next - yes, you will even be able to recognize a lot of the musical concepts on the spot on stage when you hear a tune for the first time at a jam session. That is the true beauty of it - knowing the music so well that you can play with it instantly. And of course, you can always do less songs if you like but do make sure you apply the whole process to at least 5 songs to get the full benefit of my program.

Q2: How will I know if I have made progress?

Feedback is crucial. There will be a Q&A call every week where you get to ask me your questions. If you should not be able to attend live, you can post your question beforehand and I will answer it in the call. A replay of all calls will be available.  Have I mentioned the Facebook group? You will be able to exchange your thoughts and ideas with the other jazz singers from all over the world, so we all get to benefit from our shared experience and knowledge. You are very welcome to post videos of your singing that I will in return comment on - giving you concrete advice on how to improve. I will be checking in with the group Monday through Friday and WE WILL HAVE BREAKOUT ROOMS TO WORK TOGETHER.

Q3: How can I find my key and get chord charts if I don't read music?

As much as it helps to know theory and play a little piano - it is not necessary. Quite to the contrary - this was one to the main reasons I put this program together - to give you the ability to learn the tune as written, find the keys that fit your voice, have an easy way to learn a songs harmony and form WITHOUT any formal music education. BUT YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO LISTEN.

 Too often I see how this intimidates and scares talented singers away from singing jazz or improvising. I want to empower and encourage you to feel confident in your abilities and have fun singing jazz! You will be able to do all the things mentioned above after 10 weeks. On any tune, no theory needed. I will though go into a little basic theory in the course. 

Q4: Will this help my improvisation? Will I finally know how to scat and not get lost anymore?

Yes, this course will improve your scatting and definitely give you exercises that will keep you from getting lost, knowing what you need to listen to, better understand the music and hear notes that fit and even come up with your own solo ideas!

 You will learn how the greats did it and how you can use the same concepts and apply them to any of your songs. This will improve your choice of syllables and enhance your musicianship tremendously. You will stop being "just" a singer and become a singing musician - the way that all the great jazz singers have been.

Q5: Why should I join SINGING JAZZ VOCAL 10 WEEK PROGRAM now?

You are probably asking this especially because of the health crisis going on. But there are ups and down to all circumstances and things are what we make them. I like to see this time as an opportunity to change things for the better in mine and other's lives.

  Because of the Corona pandemic is now is also the time when we get to be home more and catch up with the things that we haven't had time to do. it is a chance to reassess and reorganize our priorities and get back to the things we love doing.

Has learning jazz been something you have wanted to do for a long time? Have you been delaying working on your scat because you are afraid to and feel overwhelmed? Well, here's your chance! You don't have to do it alone. I will be there every step of the way and so is an enthusiastic group of singers who are on this journey with you. You will get exact steps and whatever obstacle may present itself - we will tackle it together. Finally achieve what you have set out to do and master a jazz standard and scatting over it. Be ready when the world goes back to normal and it's time you hit the next jam session, ready to sing and improvise.


But maybe the most important question you are asking yourself right now is, if  SINGING JAZZ VOCAL PROGRAM s right for you.
 Do you love jazz? Do you love to sing? Do you want to feel free and confident with your scat and finally make a jazz tune your own?  

If the answer is yes to all the above, this is for you.!
If you don't want to learn the harmony of your tunes or are not serious about the melodies you are singing and don't care about creating hip, swinging jazz with your band on stage - then skip this one.