This is what the press says about Judy

Judy Rafat impresses with a powerful voice

"Concert in Dorsten - The mix of jazz, bossa nova, bebop and blues hardly left a listener sitting still..."

Dorsten newspaper, April 2017

Journey through the American Songbook

“Judy Rafat presents classics from Cole Porter to Miles Davis at the Lyz in Siegen”

Siegener Zeitung, February 3, 2013

World class jazz singer

“Yesterday the Judy Rafat Trio opened the “Jazz-um-Drei” concert series in the art and culture center QQTec in Hilden. The audience loved it, even though Rafat's voice was slightly scuffed."

 Rheinische Post, February 6, 2012

Outstanding jazz

General-Anzeiger (Bonn) on the Judy Rafat Quintet at Harmonie Bonn

Strong standards, unconventional streams of sound

"Judy Rafat Quintet and Evgueni Botchkov Trio form opposite center of the 17th Aidlinger Jazztage - yesterday evening concluded"

Rheinische Post, November 8, 2010

CD Review “Around About Midnight”

"...the agile phrasing of the team Rafat / Rückert documents the best jazz school."

“A top-class duo that frees jazz standards with a lot of patina from overly sticking sentimentality and gives them a completely new shine.”

Dr. Ulfert Goemann,
Jazz Podium February 1, 2011

Jazz with lifeblood in your throat

“Judy Rafat and Thomas Rückert offered ballads and bebop at a high level in the Kaldenkirchen gallery. The spectators gave intermittent applause again and again.”

West German newspaper online, July 3, 2009

A real voice straight from the heart

“This is a real voice coming straight from the heart. An honest and convincing performance.”

Slide Hampton, Liner's note on the CD
"Con Alma"

The duo Judy Rafat & pianist Thomas Rückert

“Judy Rafat delivers[ed] first class jazz. The duo harmonizes perfectly with each other and really knew how to fascinate the audience."

RP 2006 to “Voices – Festival of Voices”

Musical revelation

“When she sings her scat singing on Gillespie's melodies in parallel to Salentin's trumpet part, one believes to hear a homogeneous wind section. The range, intonation and versatility of her voice are impressive. […] Stay here and keep Gillespie alive in music!”

WAZ 2006

A festival of voices

“The highlight of the evening!”

WZ 2006 on “Voices – Festival of Voices”

Entertaining jazz trip

“The Judy Rafat Quintet gave the oasis goosebumps…”

This is what the press is saying about Judy's workshops

Chatting to the blues rhythm

“Judy Rafat's singing workshops bring young and old together. The well-known jazz singer and teacher ensures a relaxed atmosphere, but also makes it clear that you have to practice, practice, practice... ”

Rheinische Post

Chatting to the blues rhythm

Article from the Rheinische Post about the singing workshop with Judy Rafat in the cubus Kunsthalle in Duisburg from March 11th to May 13th, 2009

RP July 30, 2009

“Best Voice” is looking for your voice!

“Last year the catering and cultural establishment “Jedermann Neudorf” was looking for (and found) the best young band in Duisburg and this autumn the search will continue. A jury led by the internationally renowned and successful jazz singer Judy Rafat wants to find the best voice in “Jedermann Duissern”. …”

Musikus, February 2012

Just let it ring

Article in the WAZ from November 25, 2009 about the jazz workshop in the Dorsten adult education center

WAZ Dorsten from 25.11.2009

Pop, Blues and Jazz with Judy Rafat

Short portrait about Judy Rafat and her singing workshops


Learn to sing with Judy Rafat

Newspaper article about a workshop with Judy Rafat at the high school in Maria Veen